Megan Monaghan DicksonMegan Monaghan Dickson
First Time Pass With Only 4 Minors.
Darren change my mind set on driving completely, I went from terrified to confident! If your lacking in confidence Darren is your man! He’s so patient and calm and makes you feel at ease! I’m so pleased I decided to go with him and the fact he supported my decision to go to automatic. I would recommend Darren to anyone! So Thankyou again Darren !!

Kirstie Louise Wilson.Kirstie Louise Wilson.
First Time Pass.
The 1st of November I started to learn with Darren, and today I took my test and passed first time. He not only taught me how to drive but also taught me that with self belief anything is possible. He deserves way more credit than he gets and his results speak for themselves. Not only were you my instructor but my friend as well and you will never know how much you done to help me get my pass today and what it means. Thanks isn't enough.

Charlie HartfordCharlie Hartford
First Time Pass.
Charlie did amazing to Pass First Time in such a small amount of time.

Chase BagleyChase Bagley
First Time Pass No Minors.
So when I first started driving I knew it was something I needed to accomplish to help me in my life but my god was I a nervous wreck. From my first lesson Darren told me I was born to drive which gave me a whole load of confidence. My lessons were scattered and never regular which kept putting doubt in my mind I was ever going to be good enough to accomplish passing my driving test, but when I finally go my act together and started regular lessons I booked my test. I sat in the car and said to Darren do you think I am kidding myself booking my test already considering I've had so few lessons, to which he said "If you listen to what I'm telling you and add the things to your driving, ask me that question again in a couple of weeks." So 2 lessons a week for three weeks leading up to my test everytime I came away from a lesson I would keep everything I learnt in my head to put into practise the next time, then the day before my test I had possibly the most testing lesson ever cars pulling out on me left right and centre and I coped, and it was all thanks to Darren keeping me calm cool and collected. Arriving at my test was nerve racking and I was so focused on passing and how much it would change my life I physically could not fail. But to go on a pass with no minors first time I'm in complete shock!!! But it is safe to say I could not have done and accomplished my goal without the help of my driving coach, his patience, calmness and positivity helped me get through and for that I am forever grateful. So I would highly recommend darren to everyone. Thank you 👌

Lowri Powell
Second Time Pass
I highly recommended Darren Payne. You can learn and gain tips that boosts your driving. His teaching style lets learning in an environment that I found relaxed.His motivation to see you succeed is reassuring, which makes it easier to engage and want to challenge yourself every lesson.

Amelia Knight
Fourth Attempt
I would 100% recommend Darren to anyone who wants to learn to drive! He is very easy to get along with makes you feel very calm and comfortable. He made sure each lesson I left the car feeling more confident than when I got in and made sure all lessons were based around things I felt I needed to improve on. If I ever struggled with something he would keep calm and put up with my swearing and talk me through exactly what to do in a positive manner until we got it right and I felt confident. He would always make time for lessons for me and was very accommodating around my working hours which was very helpful! Overall I had a very positive driving experience with Darren and think he is a great driving instructor. Cheers Darren, try not to miss me too much!

Robbie Wilson
Second Attempt With Only 4 Minors
I have just passed my driving test with Darren he is very professional has a great personality he fills you with confidence and encouragement I would highly recommend him if your looking for a driving instructor who won’t rip you off he’s the man I’m a older driver of 38 all of my children will be learning with Darren one due to start soon if your looking for a instructor for your your kids I would recommend him for your son or daughter he won’t rip them off and you can have peace of mind if your kids being safe with him

Demi Perretta
Second Time With Only 5 Minors
I started to learn to drive around the age of 17, and have been stopping and starting until the beginning of this year. I have had around 3-4 instructors in the past and I just couldn’t seem to grasp driving with them, some made me feel uncomfortable or even got frustrated if I didn’t get something straight away, this obviously put me off driving and I nearly came to terms with the fact that I will never drive. I have known Daz for a while and when he mention he was becoming a driving instructor, I booked in with him straight away, I remember i was so nervous on my first lesson but he put me at ease straight away, he reassured me and within 15 minutes I was on the road! Daz is massively supportive not just with lessons, but with your theory and practical test too. I passed my driving test on the second attempt not long ago and I can honestly say I still can’t believe it. I couldn’t recommend Daz enough, he makes it your lesson and tells you exactly what you need to work on and motivates you to reach that goal! Thank you again for helping me with one of the most important achievements a person can have!

Chantelle Merritt
First Time Pass.
Just wanna say to you, you have made my dream come true! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! I COULDNT BE HAPPIER! Darren has been an amazing instructor to me the last 3 months and today I passed my test!! I was very nervous and upset but Darren kept me calm and reassured me everything would be okay!! I couldn’t be happier!! During my driving lessons Darren would always do what I would want to do and he wouldn’t make it boring and wouldn’t make it easy or to hard!! I loved my driving lessons so much, he would always make time for you and he did for me! I’m so happy and so thankful for him that he has made me pass and boosted my confidence 1000x. I would fully recommend him!! Once again a massive THANK YOU!

Holly JalleyHolly Jalley
3rd Time, Only 4 Minors.
I am so pleased I had lessons with Darren, he always encouraged me to push myself and achieve my goals. He is punctual, professional and easy to get along with. Darren would find different ways of showing me things in order to meet my learning style so that I’d understand fully. Darren adapted our lessons each week to keep them interesting and he always asked for my input regarding what I wanted to learn each lesson. He is flexible and accommodating. Darren would make sure I left the car each time feeling confident and empowered and excited for my next lesson! You can see how passionate Darren is about his job and this reflects in my driving progress. I would certainly recommend to anyone and everyone.

Jade RichmondJade Richmond
First Time Pass.
So my journey started with Darren when my husband surprised me with a lesson with him. I have never wanted to drive I thought everything was convenient for me and I didn’t need to drive, but after having 2 children I new I needed to. So I was extremely nervous for my first lessons and was very close to cancelling my lesson due to nerves. I’m so glad I didn’t cancel that lesson otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this today! I passed my driving test first time with only 2 minors! I was such a nervous passenger at the best of times, Darren made me feel so relaxed and quickly becomes your friend so you don’t feel like your just sat with a stranger having a lesson. My first lesson I was driving after about 5 minutes... if you don’t think you can do something Darren will sure be the one to reassure you and to never doubt yourself! He taught me everything I no and has made me the safe driver I’m today! My confidence is there and that’s all thanks to Darren! I can’t thank this man enough for everything he has done. 🚗 Thank you Darren.

Ollie PowellOllie Powell
First Time Pass.
I would recommend my friends to go to Darren for lessons. He is such an amazing teacher. Not only did he get me to pass first time but I passed on my 20th lesson just as I had wanted. I learned so much in so little time thanks to his constant motivation, which he gave me all the way up until my test. Thank you for making something that should be so stressful a great experience!

Danni Goatcher SmithDanni Goatcher Smith
Second Time Only 1 Minor.
I couldn’t recommend Darren highly enough. From the moment I met him over a coffee to the morning I passed he has been nothing but supportive, encouraging, engaging and an outstanding teacher. He catered for me perfectly, tailoring my lessons around me and my needs. Passing with only one minor speaks volumes at how much confidence he gave me and how comfortable he made me feel on the road. Thank-you so much for everything.

Ekaterina WilliamsEkaterina Williams
1st Time Pass.
Thank you a lot! We both deserved it! You are great instructor and I am great driver he he 🤣 I already recommended you to all my friends! Good luck with what you doing. You are doing it very well 🙏

Lauren JordanLauren Jordan
1st Time Pass.
I would recommend Darren as he helped me out in my last hour of driving before my test, I had never met Darren before and never driven his car, it was a worrying and nervous time as I was about to do my test in a car I’ve never driven. Darren was lovely and calm, helped me calm down and very quickly taught me how to control and drive his car ready for my test. We practiced a park on the right manoeuvre just before my test and luckily that one was on my test. I’m so thankful Darren let me borrow his car for my last driving lesson and my test. Thank you Darren for helping me get through my test, and put up with me talking on the drive home as I was so happy I passed. ☺️

Jamie McClellanJamie McClellan
1st Time Pass.
Well where to start from the first moment of meeting this man he was so relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable. Not only does he make you feel comfortable but gives you confidence even when you don’t feel you have any. He’s got unbelievable amount of patience so don’t be afraid. I’ve passed now of course thanks to this mans belief he put in me and he will do the same with you. Top top bloke couldn’t thank him enough and I wish all you learners the best of luck with this awesome experience. Thanks again Darren. 🤪

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